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software for creating your own music

The Beats Mixer Software

Dr beats mixer is packed with high-high quality digital instruments. Impress the best in creating your own beats. Beats Mixer Functions The Dr. Drum electronic  making beats software program has everything a budding or an even that expert disk jockey dj could ever need to make your own generated beats.for. Dr. Drum states it can produce music […]

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Beats Mixer Review – Create music

The beats mixer allows you to get create your own  music in the beats of songs, underlying rhythm and the vocal track of a song. Dr Beats  allows you to be a lot more creative in the way that you compose real music, sound overlays, dubs and remixes of tracks that may sound complicated, but […]

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Who am I ?

Creating my own beats

Hey Joshua here i want to thank you for checking out my site

My family and I love making music my mother plays trumpet and was in her high school marching band, my father plays saxophone traveling the world for over 30 years now, my grandfather plays drums,and both uncles and I play guitar. My daughter loves making music and doesn't really have a favorite musical instrument. We love music, Hopefully music inspires you aswell.

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